Jaxx Pillow Sak - 5 Foot Bean Bag Chair


$217.00 USD

Best Bean Bag Chair Around - Versatile & Comfortable

It is not over exaggerating to say that the The Jaxx Pillow Sak is one of the best bean bag chairs on the market and just an overall awesome bean bag chair. Upon first glance it doesn't look like much. A big, rectangular floor pillow. What is great about that? All that is needed is a little imagination and this bean bag turns into one of the most comfortable chairs around. First off, just try laying down on it. Sink into the foam and your body will say, "Ahhhh!"

Another great advantage of the Jaxx Pillow Sak is its filling. It is filled with shredded foam that is soft and supportive at the same time. Once you establish your ideal lounging configuration, the bean bag will hold that shape. No more having to shift and fuss, just lay back and relax.

Making a purchase of a large bean bag sight unseen can feel pretty uncertain. In ten years of selling Jaxx Pillow Saks, two customers have complained. Not about their comfort but about their size. The Jaxx Pillow Sak is a terrific bean bag chair for lounging and it is made to stand up to wear and tear.

5 Foot Jaxx Pillow Sak Bean Bag Chair Features:
  • Measures 64" x 44" x 15" and weighs about 35 pounds. Dimensions will change depending on how you position the chair
  • Comes filled with shredded ecofoam fill, designed to offer optimum comfort for years, does not require refilling. To re-fluff the foam, just roll the chair and it will pop back up again
  • Bonus Feature: Flattens to form an impromptu mattress, perfect for kids and sleepovers. Similar in size to a single bed
  • Comes with lush Microsuede covers, designed to stand the test of time or super cool and trendy US made Cone Denim.
  • Inner, water resistant, protective liner supplied with a locking tamper-proof zipper to keep kids safe
  • The cover is 100% machine washable, wash in cold water, dry on a cool setting.
  • The most versatile bean bag chair on the market, designed to be shaped and molded to suit your lounging desires

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