Jaxx Sofa Saxx - 4 Foot Jaxx Lounger

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  • Kids absolutely adore these bean bag chairs! Fit one, two, or three children under nine on the Jaxx® Lounger Jr. For story time or nap time, kids love to snuggle into the plush and supportive foam of the Jaxx Sofa Saxx Junior. With enough foam to support an adult you can curl up next to them to read together.

    This bean bag comes fully assembled, no mess, no fuss. Just add remove the packaging and add the cover. Done.

    • Measures 46" Long x 34" Wide x 26" Tall
    • Comes with a lush and durable microsuede cover or made in the USA Cone denim
    • The cover is 100% machine washable and dryable
    • The liner includes a locking, child safety zipper
    • Filled with 100% shredded furniture grade urethane ecofoam
    • Never needs refilling, unlike polystyrene beads

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Customer Reviews

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Chocolate Microsuede 4 Foot Jaxx Lounger Bean Bag

Snuggle In a Comfy Nest

No sinking to the floor in this mini lounger. It is great for kids up to about age 12 but has enough foam to easily support an adult body.

It is sized perfectly for you and/or your kids to lay back and relax.

Blueberry Microsuede 4 Foot Jaxx Lounger Bean Bag

Lay Back & Lounge or Play

Lay it flat with some throw pillows, fold it against a wall or place it against a wall and you have a wonderful lounger for reading, watching TV, gaming, or playing games.