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Calgary is a beautiful place to live. Tons of sunshine, endless blue skies and mountains nearby for outdoor pursuits. The only problem is the winters are cold. Who wants to go out in the freezing wind to go shopping?

Here at Comfy Bean Bag Chairs we want to make it easy for you to purchase a bean bag chair in Calgary without ever leaving the warmth of your home.

When you order a bean bag in Calgary, your approximate wait time to receive your order is 7 - 10 business days. Shipping is straightforward, the price you see is the price you pay (plus tax) and nothing else.

There are no fees upon delivery, the bean bag is delivered to your door, ready for you to assemble.

How do you purchase a bean bag chair sight unseen? How do you trust that you've picked the right one and that it will be comfortable?

We have been in business selling bean bag chairs to Calgarians for over 9 years. That means a lot of satisfied customers. Please read our Testimonials page and see what our customers have to say.

As well, we have put together some articles highlighting some of our most popular chairs to give you more details and images. You can view them on our blog

In addtition, on each product page we have tried to give the best descriptions we can think of so you have a clear picture in your mind about each Jaxx bean bag. All Jaxx bean bags come with a one year warranty.

Please call us toll free at 866-302-7318 or email We are happy to answer any of your questions.