How do I Assemble My Jaxx Sac?

Click on the following video to view how to assemble the Jaxx bean bags. The first video is an updated version and shows how to assemble your Jaxx Sac bean bag chair simply and mess free.

Press play to start the video. Depending on your connection speed, the video may take a moment to load.

The second video is the original version and it is just fun to watch. It is the more difficult, messy way to assemble your Jaxx Sac bean bag chair.

Assembling your Jaxx Sac is straightforward. When you open the box, you should receive a cover, a liner and one or more foam capsules.

Here's what to do:

  1. Remove the liner from its packaging and check to make sure it is the correct size. Unzip it and place it near where you are going to want the chair.

  2. Place the foam capule(s) inside the liner and remove the fabric covering.

  3. Zip the liner closed - remove the tab off the zipper to "lock" the zipper and make it child-safe.

  4. Allow the chair to rest for about 24 hours. The foam will start to expand on its own. Before placing the cover on, massage the foam to break it up into small pieces as necessary.

  5. Place the cover on the liner, lining up the zippers as best you can - makes for a better fit.

  6. Give your chair a few days and the foam will expand and offer a superb level of coziness.