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Chenille Jaxx Pillow Sak - 5 Foot Bean Bag Chair


$217.00 USD

Versatility and Comfort Combined Make for Ideal Lounging Conditions

The Chenille Jaxx Pillow Sak is one of our most popular bean bags. Not super exciting to look at, but you know the adage, Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover; the comfort this floor pillow provides goes above and beyond. Even back pain sufferers like relaxing in this bean bag because it is so supportive. And now with a premium Chenille cover? This bean bag is a home run.

5 Foot Jaxx Pillow Sak Bean Bag Chair Features:
  • Measures 64" x 44" x 15". Dimensions will change depending on how you position the chair
  • No Assembly Required - Just zip up the cover!
  • Bonus Feature: Flattens to form an impromptu mattress, perfect for kids and sleepovers. Similar in size to a single bed
  • Comes with a premium two-toned Chenille Cover.
  • Inner, water resistant, protective liner supplied with a locking tamper-proof zipper to keep kids safe
  • The cover is 100% machine washable, wash in cold water, dry on a cool setting.
  • The most versatile bean bag chair on the market, designed to be shaped and molded to suit your lounging desires

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