No Assembly Required

No Assembly Required

Exciting News! Jaxx Sacs Come Fully Assembled!

For the last couple of years, the smaller chairs have come pre-assembled but now all but two of the Jaxx Sacs are delivered assembled. All you have to do is unwrap the compressive packaging and put the cover on. Super easy, no mess, no fuss.

When you receive your bean bag chair, it comes compressed to make it possible to ship and to save on shipping charges and environmental impact.

Bean Bag Assembly - Box Contents

When you open your box, you will find a rolled up "hot dog" shape wrapped in plastic as well as a cover.

Bean Bag Assembly - Remove Compressive Plastic Wrap

Carefully peal off and remove the compressive plastic from around the bean bag.

Bean Bag Assembly - Remove Plastic Wrap
Bean Bag Assembly - Remove Plastic Wrap

This will allow the "hot dog" to unroll and leave you will a plastic wrapped bean bag liner full of compressed foam. 

As you remove the wrapping, the foam will start to expand and your bean bag will start to fluff up. Do not open the liner and expose the inner foam, just remove the plastic and leave the liner intact. The plastic was left around the bean bag in this picture but you should fully remove it to allow for full expansion.

Bean Bag Assembly - Allow the Foam to Expand

Give the bean bag about 6 hours to fluff up before putting the cover on. It can take a few days to reach its full fluffed state. You do not have to break up the foam, just give it time and it will expand on its own. 

Add the cover, sit back and relax. 

At the moment, the only two chairs that still require assembly are the 5.5 Foot Jaxx Lounger and the 7 Foot Jaxx Lounger. It will not be long before these two chairs come fully assembled as well. 

To assemble these two chairs without hassle, follow these steps or watch the video:


1. Open plastic bag containing the inner liner and unzip the liner. (Do not unzip foam capsule until step 3.)

2. Place the compressed foam on liner. 

3. Unzip foam capsule. Break open plastic bag so that the foam expands into the protective liner. If there are any lumps, break them apart with your hands.

4. Zip liner closed and twist off head.

5. The ECOFOAM will begin to expand immediately. WAIT 6 HOURS for ECOFOAM to fully expand to fill the liner.

6. AFTER 6 HOURS place the expanded foam inside the liner into the outer cover.

7. Have a seat!

Full expansion can take up to 3 days so give your foam time to fully expand. You can still sit in it, it will just get more supportive with time.