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December 03, 2015

The full sized has long been a favourite bean bag chair of teens and adults who want to lounge but want to sit upright. Not everyone wants to lay back and relax. Some people want to work on their laptop or tablets and need head and back support. The 5.5 foot Jaxx Pillow Sak provides great supportive lounging. You can sit back and relax with head and back support, support for your spine and legs all while working, reading or chilling.

5.5 Foot Jaxx Lounger

The smaller 3.5 Foot Jaxx Pillow Sak is designed to do exactly the same thing as the full sized Jaxx Pillow Sak, just for smaller bodies. Designed with kids in mind, the 3.5 Foot Jaxx Pillow Sak offers an incredible spot for relaxing and playing.

3.5 Foot Jaxx Pillow Sak

In our demanding lives it is easy for kids to get overstimulated. The 3.5 Foot Jaxx Pillow Sak offers unique lounging for kids. The bean bag really folds and bends and creates a hug-like feeling for kids. This can really help them to chill out and settle down if they've gotten too wound up. Creating a spot in a bedroom or den where a child can go to have quiet time and settle can be super helpful in those times of higher stress.

3.5 Foot Jaxx Pillow Sak

The 3.5 Foot Jaxx Pillow Sak is very versatile. It can be shaped and moulded into various positions so kids can really lounge the way they like. They can lay it flat and stretch out, even use it as a mattress when they want to have a sleepover in their sister's room.

3.5 Foot Jaxx Pillow Sak

They can roll it and fold it and play with it and really connect in a tactile way. It can be part of a living room fort building spree, folded against a wall for reading, or leaned against a wall out of the way when more floor space is needed. There are a lot of options with the Jaxx Pillow Sak.

3.5 Foot Jaxx Pillow Sak

When it comes right down to it, kids love them. They are truly attracted to the Jaxx Pillow Sak like bees to flowers. If there is a Jaxx Pillow Sak in the room, the kids will find it and gravitate towards it. They love the comfy softness. They love being able to sit close to their siblings and friends. They love the casualness of curling up and getting hugged into the bean bag. 

The 3.5 Foot Jaxx Pillow Sak measures 34" wide x 44" long x 13" deep. It weighs about 10 pounds and is easy to carry from room to room. It is designed for smaller kids under about 10 years of age (varies based on size of child). The Jaxx Sacs come with a one year warranty against manufacturer's defects. They are filled with shredded foam and last for many years. They will never need refilling. The covers can be removed and washed ensuring your bean bag stays fresh and clean for years.


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