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November 19, 2015

Parents and Kids just love the 4 Foot Jaxx Cocoon bean bag chair. It is our most popular kid's bean bag chair because it is the most versatile chair around. You get a lot of bang for your buck with this bean bag.

4 Foot Jaxx Cocoon Bean Bag Chair

The 4 Foot Jaxx Cocoon measures 48 inches across and about 18" thick when in its original floor pillow shape. When positioned this way, kids can lay on it to play games on the floor, to do homework, listen to music or watch a movie. It is easily supportive enough to be used as an extra bed for sleepovers.

4 Foot Jaxx Cocoon Bean Bag Chair

The 4 Foot Jaxx Cocoon can be repositioned a couple of different ways. If stood on end and squished in the middle, the Jaxx Cocoon becomes a terrific nest of a chair. Kids are cozily cocooned into the chair and can snuggle and read, play video games, watch TV or just chill. You could also squeeze in together to have some quality snuggle time. Due to the nature of the shredded foam filling, the bean bag will hold its shape so once moulded as a chair, it will stay as a chair.

If stood on end and squished toward the end, the 4 Foot Jaxx Cocoon will become more of a cocoon pod that will enfold a child in a lovely embrace. Perfect for quiet time and settling down wild behaviour.

4 Foot Jaxx Cocoon Bean Bag Chair

The 4 Foot Jaxx Cocoon is large enough and has enough fill to support two or three kids sitting together, or an adult on their own. Create a cozy nook in the den or the playroom and you can snuggle, read, do puzzles and just talk about the day together.

Maybe you have a small space but your child still wants a bean bag chair. The 4 Foot Jaxx Cocoon can work very nicely in this situation. It can be placed in a closet, slid under a bed or leaned up against a wall when not in use to free up floor space. Also, since this bean bag chair is large enough to support an adult, you could replace a traditional piece of furniture with this chair. The fabric colour options are trendy and match today's decor quite well.

These bean bags are made to last and come with a one year warranty against manufacturer's defects. They stand up to wear and tear quite well. They never need to be refilled and will provide many years of comfortable lounging.

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