Jaxx Bean Bag Chairs - Great Value or a Big Waste of Money?

Jaxx Bean Bag Chairs - Great Value or a Big Waste of Money?

Just recently I posted a few things on a social media site. The reaction I got was very surprising. I got comments like, this is $30 worth of materials, you can win these at a carnival with a good ball throw, as well as others. All the comments were negative and indicated the writers thought the product was cheap and worthless.

I was quite surprised by the comments because I know the Jaxx product and I know the superior quality of these bean bag chairs. It made me think, though, and I wondered if others shared this mindset and thought Jaxx bean bags were over expensive crap.

I can understand the thinking. As in any product, there is good quality and poor quality. When it comes to bean bag chairs, there are some half decent quality bean bags that are less expensive but they are few and far between. Truly if you are paying less than $100 for a bean bag chair these days, you are getting a relatively low quality chair that will last for a short period of time. I have had many customers tell me they purchased a $30 bean bag chair and the seams broke or the stuffing went flat or it wasn't comfortable. This is fairly normal. In general, these bean bag chairs are mast produced off-shore and there is little regard to quality.

4 Foot Jaxx Sac Bean Bag Chair

Interestingly, this is where the Jaxx Bean Bags stand out. They are produced by a manufacturer that cares about quality, that cares about sourcing materials locally as much as possible, that cares about their ecological footprint. They are a member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council which is a group of furniture manufacturers working to make the industry more sustainable.

In their own words, "Making designer bean bags and furniture is great, but doing what we can to protect the world we live in is even better. It gives us a certain sense of accomplishment we’re very proud of."

Further to that, Jaxx Bean Bags are priced competitively. They are not the cheapest bean bags around nor are they the most expensive. They are more of a mid-range price in the bean bag market. The saying, "You get more than what you pay for" is true with Jaxx. You are paying for a bean bag chair that has high quality foam filling, a nylon liner and an upholstery grade cover. The materials that go into making Jaxx bean bags are the same materials that go into making traditional furniture. You are getting value when you buy a Jaxx bean bag chair - a high quality bean bag for a fair price.

4 Foot Jaxx Lounger Bean Bag

When it comes to bean bag chairs, it seems to me you want to buy yourself a very good bean bag chair that will last for years, will never need refilling and will be safe for use in your home.

To me, this is most important thing: you want a bean bag chair that is safe for your kids, for your pets and for you! On top of that, you want a bean bag that is comfortable and will provide the lounging experience you are searching for.

Jaxx Bean Bags do exactly that.  The ECO foam filler is safe for use in your home. It is shredded foam that is repurposed foam from off cuts in the furniture industry. It is the same foam you would find in any sofa cushion in any furniture store. The foam is multi-density which offers a super comfy yet supportive seat.

Shredded Polyurethane Foam

The rip-stop liners are nylon and are water resistant. They stand up very well to wear and tear and contain the foam so that it does not end up all over the place. Having a nylon cover is great because the cover can slide over it easily which makes the bean bag that much more comfortable. As well, the liners stand up to wear and tear quite well.

Moisture Resistand Nylon Liner

The covers are made from either microsuede or US made Cone denim. The fabrics are upholstery quality and made to last. The fabric stands up very well over time looking like new for years. It is easy to wipe up spills with a damp cloth but when necessary you can throw the entire cover in the washing machine and dryer and it comes up beautifully. The Cone Denim is one of the last denims to be made in the United States. It is a beautiful fabric and definitely stands the test of time.

Machine Washable Bean Bag Cover

I understand the thinking that bean bags are cheap and throw away. It is because there are a lot of them that really are low quality. We have worked with many bean bag manufacturers and have had some who used to make their own product go off shore. We no longer work with these companies because quality dropped considerably. The quality of the materials that went into the bean bag chairs was poor and it showed in the product.

As it turns out, Jaxx Bean Bags are the exception to the rule. They stick with high quality: the fabrics, the foam, the workmanship, all are well above average. We like knowing where the product we sell comes from. We like supporting local manufacturers who actually make a super comfortable and affordable bean bag chair. We like offering bean bag chairs that are safe for use in your home. We like selling comfort to you and your family!

So for those people who feel Jaxx bean bags aren't good enough or are too expensive, we're sorry for you. You are missing out. You're missing out on a uniquely comfortable lounging experience.