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October 02, 2015

Woo hoo! Camo is here. Just love the new genuine Realtree Camo prints. Hardwood, Pink and Snow White Camo prints on three of our best bean bag chairs: Camo 3 Foot Jaxx Sac, Camo 4 Foot Jaxx Lounger and Camo 4 Foot Jaxx Sac.

Snow White Realtree Camo 3 Foot Jaxx Sac

The Camo 3 Foot Jaxx Sac makes an ideal perch for kids and adults alike. Fits in a bedroom, a den or a man cave and blends in perfectly. Super comfy and fun, the camo print adds personality to an already awesome bean bag chair.

Woodland Realtree Camo 4 Foot Jaxx Lounger

The Camo 4 Foot Jaxx Lounger is super for kids or for small spaces where you want lots of comfort but don't have room for a big piece of furniture. The fun camo print brings energy to kid's room or to the family room. The print is surpassed only by the comfort of this great lounger bean bag chair.

Pink Realtree Camo 4 Foot Jaxx Sac

The Camo 4 Foot Jaxx Sac is the best bean bag chair around. Terrific for everyone in the family, this bean bag offers great comfort for all body sizes. The 4 Foot Jaxx Sac takes up about the same amount of space as a standard arm chair but offers a lot more comfort. Two or three kids can cozy up together or an adult can sit with a child to read a book. I love snuggling with my niece and nephew in my 4 Foot Jaxx Sac.

The biggest challenge will be trying to choose which of the Realtree colour options suit you best. Added to it, each bean bag has a blaze orange zipper with orange top stitching. Nothing but the best for our bean bag chairs.

Available for a limited time only so get one before they disappear.

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