Jaxx Factory Tour - See How Your Bean Bag is Made

Jaxx Factory Tour - See How Your Bean Bag is Made

Check out this video. Shows the factory where the Jaxx Bean Bags are made. Lots of technology used to create what is essentially a very simply product.

All Jaxx Bean Bags are made in the USA. All of the foam used in the bean bags is upcycled from local furniture manufacturers. The foam is shredded on site and is saved from filling landfills. Not only that, they save on fuel and shipping costs by sourcing the materials locally.

In the interest of protecting the environment and improving upon sustainability, the shredded foam is compressed prior to shipping. This reduces the amount of packaging required as well as reduces the space taken up in the delivery vehicles, thereby reducing the overall impact on the environment.

With over 100 employees who are all shareholders, Jaxx Bean Bags is a company that produces a high quality bean bag and is also environmentally conscious. They do what they can to source raw materials from within North America and they hire sewing artisans in a sweat shop free environment.

Know where your products come from. Source locally made products and support companies that support our communities. Use your purchasing power to support made in North America products.