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Fun Lounging in a Jaxx Pillow Sak

August 11, 2015

Fun Lounging in a Jaxx Pillow Sak

Hanging out at the lake this past weekend on a Jaxx Pillow Sak. Everyone had to try it out and it was a big hit with everyone, even the dog.

Brother-in-Law #1 has a bad back and cannot sit anywhere comfortably for any length of time. He was able to relax and drink a beer pain free in the Jaxx Pillow Sak. He was pretty impressed.

Black Cone Denim 5.5 Foot Jaxx Pillow Sak

Turning the Jaxx Pillow Sak flat and it becomes quite a comfortable bed for shorties. Definitely wide enough for sleeping but not long enough for legs unless you curl up. Sure comfortable though.

Denim Jaxx Pillow Sak

Jasper thought the bean bag was pretty great and was sure it was his new dog bed. 

Denim 5.5 Foot Jaxx Pillow Sak

Brother-in-law #2 sat further back and didn't get quite as much back support. He had a great foot rest though. And of course, Jasper had to pose for a picture.

Denim Jaxx Pillow Sak

We sure loved this Jaxx Pillow Sak. Niece and nephew curled up in it together to watch a movie on the iPad. It was a perfect little nest for them. I was impressed with how easy it was to move around. I didn't have any problem bringing it up from the basement or taking it back down to lean against the wall.

Need to get another another as one is just not enough! 

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