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Jaxx Bean Bags & Cone Denim - Making a Great Bean Bag Even Better

July 23, 2015

Jaxx Bean Bags & Cone Denim - Making a Great Bean Bag Even Better

Jaxx Sacs & Loungers are now available with Denim covers. But not just any old denim but Cone Denim, denim made in the United States since 1891.

Cone Denim has been in business since 1891 milling cotton into denim. The company is an innovator in technology in both the design of its denim but also in its manufacturing process. The following video shows a bit of the history of the denim making process as well as of the company.

It is brilliant to know the source of a product in this day and age. To know exactly where your bean bag chair comes from and that the company who makes the product believes in quality, goes a long way towards increasing your confidence in the product.

Not only that, you know the product is safe. It is made in the USA by a company that cares about quality. They care about where their products come from and put their energy and attention into honoring their traditions.

The denim covers on the Jaxx Sacs are high quality and durable. They stand up very well over time and handle wear and tear very well.

Black Denim 5.5 Foot Jaxx Lounger

One of the great things about the denim bean bags is that the more you sit and relax, the better they get.

The denim sacs get softer the more you lounge. It is like your favorite pair of jeans, they just get more comfortable over time.

Cone Denim Swatch with YKK Zipper

In addition to be being made in the USA and super durable, Cone Denim is crazy cool. Jaxx Sacs in Cone Denim come with sturdy, exposed YKK zippers so they are more like your coolest blue jeans than you might think.

Black Denim Jaxx Kids Club Jr

They fit into your home easily but they also stand out as a showpiece. Your family room will be the most popular in the neighborhood!

The following bean bags are available in Cone Denim:

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