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Why Choose a Jaxx Bean Bag? What Makes Jaxx so Great?

July 17, 2015

Why Choose a Jaxx Bean Bag? What Makes Jaxx so Great?

We’ve worked with quite a few manufacturers of bean bags over the years and the Jaxx® Sacs and Loungers have stood out as one of the best. Here’s why:

  • Besides being the most versatile seat in the house, a Jaxx® Sac is the softest, most comfortable place to curl up, lounge, read, nap, chill, laze, loll or recline.

  • The Jaxx® Sacs are tough enough to stand up to time in kid’s bedrooms, play and gaming areas.

  • The Jaxx® Sacs come in modern hip designs in bright and contemporary colours.

  • The bean bags mold into dozens of shapes for bodies large and small.

  • Children love the comfort of bean bag chairs and the Jaxx® Sacs are the best as they will cradle your children in style. On top of the comfort factor, these bean bag chairs offer a novel aesthetic that add interest to any room in your home.

  • Jaxx® Sacs are a modern version of the bean bag chair. They are more savvy, stylish and comfortable than other seating alternatives. These are not your Grandma's bean bag chair!

  • Jaxx® Sacs & Loungers come with a 1 Year Warranty, taking them a step ahead of the competition.

  • Jaxx® Sacs keep your kids safe – they come with an inner liner with a child-safe zipper.

  • The covers are removable and easily washable, cleaning up great after those unfortunate mishaps.

  • Jaxx Sacs are filled with Ecofoam, repurposed, non-carcinogenic shredded foam. Super fluffy and soft, the foam lasts for years and you will never have to worry about refilling your bean bag.

  • Jaxx Sacs comply with California Technical Bulletin 117 ensuring they meet the highest flammability standards while maintaining a safe and comfortable bean bag chair that you are happy to have in your home. The manufacturer is a member of the Sustainability Furnishings Council.

  • The manufacturer stands behind their product, if something happens to go wrong, they will make it right.

  • Jaxx® Sacs are affordable. When you purchase a Jaxx® Sac you are getting a high quality chair that will last for many years. No refilling, no fuss, just a nice cozy nest to relax in.

  • Jaxx Sacs are fully made in North America. Feel safe in knowing where your bean bag was sourced. It is almost like shopping locally when you buy Jaxx.

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