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Which is the Best Jaxx Junior Chair for My Child?

July 23, 2015

Which is the Best Jaxx Junior Chair for My Child?

Trying to decide which chair to buy? Use the suggestions below to help make the decision that best suits your needs.

All of these chairs come with either soft and supple microsuede covers or Cone Denim and are machine washable and dryable. They stand up very well over time and withstand rigorous use. They come with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty so you can feel confident in your purchase.

Jaxx Club Junior

The Jaxx Club Junior is a nice chair for smaller children, up to about age 8 or so. It is a square pyramid in shape and has 8 pounds of foam fill. It is large enough and has enough fill to support bodies up to around 50 pounds.

Fuschia Microsuede Jaxx Club Junior

Two small children can sit side by side in the Jaxx Club Jr. or one child can sink into it and create a nice cozy nest.

It is a great chair as it can easily be moved from the bedroom, to playroom, to media room. It has an easy carry handle at the top so kids can drag it where they need it.

Wherever your child goes, the chair can go.

Jaxx Pillow Sak Junior

The Jaxx Pillow Sak Jr is a miniature version of its big brother. It has all the same awesomeness in a smaller package. Measuring almost 3 feet by 4 feet and having 10 pounds of foam fill make this a terrific bean bag for kids.

Blueberry Microsuede 3.5 Foot Jaxx Pillow Sak

Have a child who likes to flip, flop and twist? The Pillow Sak Jr is a great chair for those who can't sit still. They can fold it, twist it, smoosh it; whatever they want to make it comfortable for them.

Orange Microsuede 3.5 Foot Jaxx Pillow Sak

As a flat floor pillow, the Pillow Sak Jr makes a terrific mattress for sleepovers. It is great for playing games on the floor. No more sore knees when playing with your kids. Get down and get comfy at their level.

If you lean the bean bag up against a wall it makes a great spot to hang out to play video games, to read, or to chill with friends. Add some throw pillows and you've got a great lounging nest - it would be excellent under a loft bed. Great homework spot.

Jaxx Cocoon Junior

The Jaxx Cocoon Junior is a large round crash pad. It measures 4 feet across and is filled with 18 pounds of foam fill. It is a super versatile chair and ideal for kids of all ages.

Grape Microsuede 4 Foot Jaxx Cocoon

Leave it flat and kids can stretch out for nap time, they can play on the floor or use it for an extra mattress for sleepovers.

Short on space? Lean the Cocoon Jr up against a wall, in the back of a closet, behind a sofa and it is out of your way but easy to access if you want it.

Cherry Microsuede 4 Foot Jaxx Cocoon

Turn it on its side and the Jaxx Cocoon Jr. enfolds your child in a comfy cocoon. It provides great back support for reading, watching TV, gaming, or just hanging out.

This chair is a great size and will even hold small adults. The Cocoon Jr. will hold its shape even after you get up so you can use it as a chair or as a floor pillow.

Jaxx Lounger Junior

The Jaxx Lounger Junior is a miniature version of the adult lounger. It is ideal for those kids who like to stretch out to watch TV or read a book. It measures 4 feet long by 2 feet deep and 2 feet tall. It is a good sized lounger with 18 pounds of foam fill.

Black Microsuede 4 Foot Jaxx Lounger

The Jaxx Lounger Jr. will support kids of all ages. Adults can hang in the Lounger Jr as well without sinking to the floor. You could also put it up against a wall, toss on some throw cushions and have a cozy lounge spot with back support. It can be made into a chair by folding it and leaning it up against a wall.

Lime Microsuede 4 Foot Jaxx Lounger

Not that kids sit still for long, but the other great thing about the Jaxx Lounger Jr. is that up to 3 small children can sit side by side at the same time.

Fuschia Microsuede 4 Foot Jaxx Lounger

Kids can stretch out lengthwise or they can sit upright. They can burrow in and get back support or can perch right on top. There are lots of options with this great lounger. It makes a great napping spot too.

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