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Versatility Defined, The Most Popular Bean Bag: The Jaxx Pillow Sac

July 23, 2015

Versatility Defined, The Most Popular Bean Bag: The Jaxx Pillow Sac

The Jaxx Pillow Sac is a very unique chair. Upon first look, it looks like a giant floor cushion. It measures about 5 feet by 6 feet and is somewhat like a bed mattress. However, with a little imagination, the Jaxx Pillow Sac can be anything you want it to be.

5.5 Foot Jaxx Pillow Sak

The Jaxx Pillow Sac is super popular with teenagers because they can change its shape to suit their lounging needs. It can be left flat as a floor cushion for extra sleeping space to make sleepovers so much more comfortable and fun. Or two or more kids and/or adults can lie side by side and watch a movie together.

If you don’t want to lie down, you can fold the Jaxx Pillow Sac almost any way you want to make a new chair.

Here are some ways to use your Jaxx Pillow Sac:

Chocolate Microsuede 5.5 Foot Jaxx Pillow Sak

Sit near one end and you create a nice back rest for working on a laptop, gaming or visiting with friends. Sit closer to the middle and create a nice lounge space for reading a book or just plain vegging.

Camel Microsuede 5.5 Foot Jaxx Pillow Sak

Turn it on its side and you have a variety of cozy chair positions. Turn it into a loveseat or chair by leaning it against a wall.  Fold it in half and you have a nice spot to relax in. Add some throw cushions and you have a terrific spot to hang out.

One of these Jaxx Pillow Saks would be terrific underneath a loft bed in a kids room. A great spot for playing, doing homework, reading or having sleepovers.

The 5.5 Foot Jaxx Pillow Sac is not just for kids, it is big enough to fit any body size. They are terrific, versatile chairs that change to suit your needs.  What’s more, the covers are super soft and supple, making lounging in them so wonderful. Ideal for the cabin, the media room, the family room - anywhere you might need extra seating where comfy lounging is the main goal.

What more can you ask of your furniture?

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